Кийосаки в Москве
6000 человек

Кийосаки в Москве
6000 человек


St. PetersburgJune 18, 2012 


Exclusive Business Seminar with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki 

"Capital as a means of freedom" 




AlfaEvents Company is pleased to invite you to an Exclusive Business Seminar with the most respected financial expert 2011* - Robert Kiyosaki.



You will get practical guidance and solutions to financial problems, as well as practical methods to counter the crisis.



А unique format of the event: 


•  Only 196 participants !

• Lunch with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and a team of advisers from Rich Dad!

• Unique topics of the meeting

• You may influence the course of the meeting with questions, chat with other participants of the event during lunchtime

• This is your ability to communicate with business people worldwide, fruitful dialogue with other participants, exchanging experiences, discussions on the questions.




The meeting will be hold at the one of the most luxury hotels in the world –

«Grand Hotel Europe»** 



The hotel presents the best conditions for holding events at the highest level. AlfaEvents company in partnership with the Grand Hotel Europe holds an exclusive business seminar "Capital as a means of freedom" with the participation of one the most respected financial expert and his team. The organizers will do everything to all guests feel comfortable and get the maximum benefit from participation in this event.






You will learn what Robert and Kim Kiyosaki along with a team of experts from the Rich Dad's 

Organization tell people only in their speeches:  


• How do foreign investors think when deciding about their investment? What do they pay attention?

• How to win the game in investing on a global scale.

• What opportunities are opened for you in turbulent times?

• How to find effective ways of cooperation for your investment.

• What will be with the global financial system in the next few years?

• How to monitor your investments.

• You will learn the secrets of identifying hidden profit opportunities, which most investors do not pay attention.

•  How to enter the best possible deals?

What do you need to know to get the maximum profit?

• How to protect your assets.


You will receive answers to these questions and more at the seminar on June 18 at the «Grand Hotel Europe». 



The exclusive format of the event with only 196 people allows you to get answers to interested questions.







The event will be interesting to bankers, economists, analysts, financiers, qualified investors from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Baltic countries, as well as for all those who has the aim to achieve financial freedom, no matter what is your main way of earning.





Robert Kiyosaki - Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most successful and influential businessmen of the world, willing to share his knowledge and tell you how to gain a brilliant victory in the struggle of the investment.



With a rare combination of a successful investor and an excellent speaker, Robert Kiyosaki provides practical guidance and solutions to financial problems, as well as practical methods to counter the crisis.



26 million copies of his books were sold and got in the top rating of 10 best-selling business books
such as "Wall Street Journal", "Business week" and "New York Times".


 To learn more about Robert Kiyosaki



Books written in collaboration with Donald Trump, and with the leading experts in real estate,

became reference books for many successful businessmen and investors.





Business and investing are team sports. That’s why unmatched team of experts Rich Dad's Organization will also participate in this event. Rich Dad's Organization.




  Program activities:


10:00-11:15 Press Conference (Media)

11:30-12:15 Start of registration

11:45-12:15 Welcome-coffee, Networking

12:15-13:30 1st Session

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:30 2nd Session

15:30-16:00 Q/A

16:00-16:30 Brake

16:30-17:30 3rd Session

17:30-18:00 Q/A

18:00-18:30 Closing Cocktail, Networking





The event will engage visitors and admirers of Kiyosaki from different countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Mexico and Singapore.



Join the exclusive Business Seminar with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki in St. Petersburg.





* according to the rating of Go Banking rates

** according to the World Travel Awards



St. Petersburg: Guest Accommodation in St. Petersburg

For all participants in an exclusive business seminar with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki is a special offer from the Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg. To view the proposal as well as learn all the details you can on the link  (link to file) 







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