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Robert Kiyosaki

earned his millions in investments in real estate, businesses and the stock exchange. He began to build their capital in 1977, and after only seven years, he retired young and rich. 
He is the author of 15 books, which are dispersed in an amount of more than 26 million copies.
Three of his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "CASHFLOW Quadrant" and "Rich Dad's Guide to Investment" - in the ranking of the top 10 best-selling publications such as "Wall Street Journal", "Businessweek" and "New York Times". 
He also wrote several books co-authored with Donald Trump, they became popular around the world.
Books by Robert Kiyosaki have become desktop for entrepreneurs, investors and people who are seriously thinking about their financial freedom.

And his famous game «Cash Flow" brought together thousands of clubs around the world, teaching millions of people skills in a playful way of investing and creating passive income.
More than thousand organizers and participants of the Cash Flow clubs in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries are going to visit Event with Robert in Moscow! 

Robert Kiyosaki has become the most popular financial expert in the world in 2011, according to a vote on the

 Kim Kiyosaki

is the author of best-selling book "Rich Woman" for the fair sex, who seek financial independence from her husbands, relatives, employers and the state.
In 1989 Kim began investing in real estate, starting with a small house in Portland, and came to the company owns the property for millions of dollars.

"I wrote the book "Rich Woman" because I believe that the world would be better if there will be more affluent women.  "Rich Woman" - a guide to investing, but for women."
Together, Robert and Kim - the founders of the educational "Rich Dad", which educates tens of thousands of people how to run their own businesses and investments.

Their practical advice and financial projections are appreciated all over the world!
Their performances are in demand in all countries around the world.... in Russia they had been waited for many years...
It will happen in June 16, 2012!

We are doing this event for you!

«Russian Event with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki in Russia»

Up to this point, the most decisive Russian businessmen and investors spent thousands of dollars in order to cross the ocean and take part in seminars of Robert Kiyosaki.
Now, you needn’t do that! We organized a performance in Moscow and made it the most affordable, with the highest level of the organization.
Check it out by clicking the "Buy Ticket"

Guest Accommodation in Moscow

For all participants «Russian Event by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki in Moscow" is a special offer from the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow. To view the proposal as well as learn all the details you can on the link (link to file 


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